33 things I've learned in my 30s


To commemorate my 33rd birthday, here is my list of 33 things I've learned in my 30s. I started this list when I turned 30, with the first 27 items and the list has kept growing and evolving. Some items reflect things I've known for years and just decided to add, because they are good things to be reminded of from time to time.

  1. I'm happy being single.

  2. I'm secure with who I am.

  3. I want more than a career in my life.

  4. I know that any man I meet will come with baggage, and I can't forget, I come with baggage too (ex's, exclusively platonic friends of the opposite sex, exclusively platonic friends of the opposite sex that weren't always exclusively platonic, those nights you'd rather forget)

  5. I am in control of my life; my life doesn't control me.

  6. It's easier to get over it, then to dwell on the negative.

  7. Don't get involved with colleagues (unless you know you'll never have to see them again if it doesn't work out).

  8. My family is important to me and sometimes I should listen to their advice.

  9. Don't try to live someone else's life, you will only be unhappy if you do this.

  10. Treat ALL people with respect, no matter how they treat you.

  11. It's never right to yell at one of your staff, but if you are going to do that, don't do it in front of their staff or anyone else for that matter.

  12. Delegate work, you can't possibly do it all by yourself. but remember, just because it doesn't look like you did it when you get it back, doesn't mean that it's wrong, it's just different.

  13. Smile, because you woke up today.

  14. Some guys are jerks, and that's the way it is... get over it, and fast, because they aren't worth the emotional output.

  15. Keep up with your skin in your 20's and no one will know you are in your 30's. ;)

  16. Friends come in and out of your life; cherish the time you have with them.

  17. Breaking off friendships is never easy, but sometimes, it's the right thing to do.

  18. You say "good-bye" to your old company, you say "I'll stay in touch" to the people from your old company. It's the people that make leaving hard.

  19. Some people don't ever want to admit they are wrong, even when they clearly are.

  20. For the first time in my life, I'm comfortable in my own skin.

  21. I am a successful woman, I need to find a man that will complement me, who is not afraid of my success. I DO NOT have to change for a man.

  22. You don't plan events for the under 21 set, unless they are related to you and well, then it's called a family function.

  23. You can be in people's lives, without being in the same state.

  24. Some people will never change, so don't waste your time trying to change them - accept them as is, or move on.

  25. Overextend yourself in the areas of life that you are passionate about, but recognize when it's too much.

  26. You don't NEED to be connected to work all the time. There was a time before blackberries and e-mail.

  27. As I keep getting older, I keep learning new things about myself.

  28. To parallel park... my sister told me I should add this one, since I've recently gotten much better at it.

  29. There is always room for growth and personal development.

  30. Everyone doesn't have to like you and there are people who cross your path that you may never be friends with. And this is okay.

  31. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know when I'm ready to find out, it will happen.

  32. Sometimes you need to have incredibly low lows. And when they happen, you have to embrace them as a learning experience, even if that is hard to recognize at the time.

  33. Live in the present.  Your past is the past, learn from it; your future is uncertain, so you can't worry about it; live in the present and it will all work out the way it's supposed to.

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