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Fun in Frederick!

On Saturday, I made the trip up to Frederick, MD to meet up with a fellow yoga teacher - Thais - who I've been tweeting with. After months (literally) of trying to schedule, we were finally able to find a day that would work. I met up with Thais at her yoga studio, Sol Yoga, we grabbed some tea at a local coffee house, and then walked around Frederick chatting about... well... yoga (and a bit about photography).

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Evoking change... developing a daily practice

This last November, I was inspired to start making changes for what was left of 2011 and had begun setting my intentions for 2012. I am happy to say that as a result of that process, I have successfully been eating my veggies and fruits every day. Then in December, I committed to a 25-day Yogathon created by Teeg of Living in the (k)Now. I modified the requirements of her yogathon to fit into my life, while committing to change body, mind, and soul.

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Finding balance...

A few times before I've mentioned here that I've been seeking balance between work, life, and yoga (yes, for me, the scale has more than 2 sides, so maybe it's more like juggling). It's a challenge that I've been facing, since I began to teach yoga. As a new teacher, and I've been told that even with more experience, it can be hard to find a balance between your yoga teaching practice and your personal practice.

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Hand Wash Cold

Tonight was the inaugural meeting of the Tranquil Space Arlington bi-monthly book club. We read Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezen Miller for our inaugural book. This book relates life and life experiences to the seemingly mundane activities that we perform in and around the house - the laundry, the kitchen, and the yard. We spent an hour sharing our thoughts about the book, sharing quotes that we found that resonated with each of us, and realizing that although our situations may be different, we all share similar experiences and have similar things going on in our lives.

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Bringing a beginner's mind with me...

I have struggled for nearly the last two weeks trying to write about my last advanced teacher training ("ATT") weekend. I've wanted to share all the information I learned about knowing your flow and anatomy trains, and I've tried to keep it short (but there was so much good information). I was at a loss of how to approach it, until I taught a yoga class again last night.

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Yoga on the Beach

This past weekend, Lululemon Athletica sponsored their second annual Salutation Nation. I missed the first annual in Washington, DC in 2010, but knew once it was announced that I wouldn't miss it in 2011. And I did miss it, in Washington, DC. I went to visit my family in NJ, who I hadn't seen in the last months. I decided I would venture out to the beach and take part in the even with the yoga community in Monmouth County, NJ.

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