Crochet Corner

September 28th was the first in a series of Handmade Holiday workshops at Tranquil Space Arlington. We explored the art of crochet by making a basic crochet stitch sampler or spiral scrubbies.  Here's my pattern for the Basic Crochet Stitch Sampler (be kind this is the first crochet pattern I've ever written):

Size:             8x8 inches (or desired size, just adjust the number of foundation chains)

Yarn:            Dishcloth or other cotton yarn

Hook:           H/5.0 mm or I/5.5 mm (or other preferred hook size)

Gauge:          For this pattern, gauge isn't important. Find the hook that gives you the texture and stitch size that you prefer.

Pattern notes: This pattern uses rows of single, half-double, and double crochets through the back loop only to create a textured facecloth and gives the time to practice the three foundational crochet stitches. For rows of hdc and dc, the turning chain counts as the first stitch.

To change the texture, experiment with crocheting through both loops or alternating BLO on one row and FLO on the next.


ch                chain

sc                 single crochet

hdc              half-double crochet

dc                double crochet

BLO             back loop only


Ch-25 (or enough to obtain desired width)

Row 1           sc in BLO of 2nd ch from hook and in BLO of remaining 23 chains, ch-2 (turning chain) and turn work (in all even numbered rows, turning chain counts as first stitch)

Row 2           hdc in BLO of all sc in row 1 (24 stitches), ch -1 and turn work

Row 3           sc in BLO of all hdc in row 2 (24 stitches), ch-3 (turning chain) and turn work

Row 4           dc in BLO of all sc in row 3 (24 stitches), ch-1 and turn work

Row 5           sc in BLO of all dc in row 4 (24 stitches), ch-2 (turning chain) and turn work

Repeat rows 2 to 5 four times or until desired facecloth size is achieved. Do not fasten off. Do not turn.

Edging           sc evenly along all four edges. Weave in ends.

The spiral scrubbie pattern was obtained from Crochet Patterns Only blog. Find the pattern here or on

For more information about the Handmade Holiday Workshop Series at Tranquil Space Arlington, click here.