did you make your bed today?


"Did you make your bed today?" For as long as I can remember, that's what my mother would ask me every morning before  school. And up until about 5 months ago, I actually didn't understand what was so important about making my bed. And moreover, how important making my bed was to me. Growing up, the bed was made every day, because my mother made me. In college and for many years post college, I used to only make my bed when I was having people over. I didn't really see a point, when I would be out all day and crawl back in at night. But when you have guest, having a made bed makes the apartment feel homier and more so, gives a tidier appearance. It's funny though, the daily bed making routine didn't actually start until I had a cleaning service come to my apartment.

I got a great deal through LivingSocial for Green MaidWorks, who happens to charge extra to change the bed linens and make the bed, so I wanted to make sure that I did those chores myself before they arrived. My apartment was spotless when the service left that day (and I'm starting regular monthly service in September). I felt so relaxed as I looked around the apartment. My apartment looked cleaner than it did the day I moved in (and on move in day, it had looked spotless).

So what's the significance of making the bed for me? It provides me with some order in an otherwise chaotic environment. It's very grounding and rather refreshing when you come home to a made bed. The bed is generally the second thing I see after I walk into my apartment. Having it made makes me feel grounded and relaxed. On a subconscious level, I think I've been feeling a sense of accomplishment from it. Thinking that at least, I've done that, if I haven't done anything else around the apartment. It's also a feeling of being back "at home".

Cleaning and laundry are not and have never been my favorite things to do, laundry generally waits until it has to be done and cleaning, well, cleaning is done when I absolutely have to. I will "clean" for the cleaning service, by tidying up my belongings and making it easy for them to get to surfaces and the floor. I wash my dishes when I've cooked and try to keep the kitchen and bath looking nice, but I don't just clean to clean. And when I do clean, it's generally because the dust has built up and it's really more of a necessity, it's a chore. Growing up, Saturday morning cleaning of mine and my sister's bedrooms was on my chore-list. Making the bed was not only on the weekend chore-list, but it was a daily chore. And so for many years, I had a mental block, rebelling against the requirement, but something changed.

Making the bed is a reminder of growing up and essentially, a reminder of home. And that makes it very grounding. In a time in my life where things are constantly changing, where I'm beginning new adventures, and starting new journeys, a strong foundation is extremely important. Coming back to feelings of home and of growing up helps to restore the grounding, rebuilding the foundation in my energy system. It's reconnecting me with my roots and bringing a feeling of stability. In a world that is extremely chaotic, a little bit of stability and a strong foundation are a very good thing. The two minutes that it takes to make the bed every morning is well worth the stability and foundation that comes from it.

So, did you make your bed today? Do you ever make your bed? Have you ever thought about why you do or you don’t? It might be worth a little exploration and who knows, maybe you too will start making your bed every day (if you don't already).

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