Keeping my head warm this winter...


I recently finished two new projects to help keep my head warm this winter. As I was completing the scarf on the left, my friend and knitting buddy, Alison, suggested that I should make a matching hat and I decided I would give it a try. So, I found a pattern for a simple hat, bought the correct size circular knitting needles, and learned how to read the pattern. And I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the results. My blue hat didn't come out exactly like the picture, but it's pretty close, similar result with my pink hat. (The first hat was the prototype hat, and then I decided I needed to make a second prototype - these two hats are for me. As I learn, I always keep the first of whatever I make.)

This was the first time that I followed a pattern. It was the first time that I increased and decreased stitches and used circular knitting needles for more than just an infinity scarf - a big loop. I had so much fun making these hats. And this morning, it was so cold out, I even wore the blue one when I was out about town. I do plan on working with the pattern some more and making some hat and scarf sets as gifts for this upcoming holiday season.

I'm so happy to be working with my knitting needles so often again. I have fun doing it and it's become another way that I can socialize with my friends (posts about knitting afternoons coming in the upcoming weeks). Hopefully, I'll have more projects to share soon, but for now, I have two new ways to keep my head warm this winter.

Are you working on any fun or creative projects? What's your creative outlet?

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